Bridgeport Hobby is excited to announce that we offer

PSA grading

Goldin Auctions


We accept submissions in our store, at local shows and also by mail.

To submit cards please fill out the below form for your preferred service level.

For more information, email or follow us @BridgeportHobbyGrading or our Grading FB group "Bridgeport Hobby Grading"



  • FAQ'S

  • How it Works

    Bridgeport Hobby is official partners with Goldin. Your card will be sent to Goldin for either Weekly or Elite Auction. You will receive 100% of the sale. Buyer will be responsible for covering Buyer's premium, which Is added to the final total.

  • Raw or Graded Slabs

    All cards must be graded in-order to be auctioned. If raw, Goldin will grade through either PSA or BGS and will deduct grading costs from the overall final payout. If your card is already graded, it will be sent to auction.

  • Ready to Submit?

    First, we require the below agreement to be completed. Once the form is completed, we will reach out to confirm shipping to Bridgeport Hobby.